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Servcorp's Coworking in Canberra offers a new style of workspace where people from different companies share an open common space, creating a dynamic place to work that is a more cost effective option than a regular office space.

Leverage the various Coworking options available including Hot Desking, Dedicated Desks and Offices to match what your company needs, all while at a prestigious Canberra business address to give your business a distinct advantage.

Enjoy a corporate presence in the heart of Canberra CBD surrounded by world renowned restaurants, cultural icons and excellent entertainment venues from any of our esteemed locations such as The Realm and Nishi Building.

The Servcorp Coworking community will have access to secure and high-speed Wi-Fi, a full secretarial team and local IT help and have Servcorp handle your mail. We also offer a local business telephone number answered the way you like and transferred to your mobile, home or any number of your choice.

Utilise our flexible Canberra workspaces and thrive in our diverse Coworking environment. Designed to provide comfortable and ample work space, there is room for everyone's work style in our agile Canberra shared workspace.

Servcorp Coworking connects you to a global network of 60,000+ professionals to bounce off ideas with and work smarter. Collaborate in a common space and develop your Canberra business with like-minded peers.

Coworking Frequently Asked Questions

As a Servcorp Coworking client, you can either choose our Hot Desk option, or our Dedicated Desk option.

Coworking is a new style of workspace where people from different companies share an open common space rather than work in a private office. Coworking is about creating a better place to work and a better way to work; sharing space with other like-minded professionals not only creates a more dynamic workplace, it is also a lot more cost effective than a regular office space.

Servcorp Coworking spaces provide you with a variety of work environments to choose from. Whether you enjoy working from one of our fine leather sofas, having a small team meeting in one of the booth seats, working from the bar counter so you are never far from our premium coffee and tea, or having your own personal desk, there's a space to fit your work style. Most of our Coworking spaces are fitted out with sound-rated phone booths, so if you have an important or private call you don't have to worry about people listening in. Servcorp Coworking connects you to a global network of professional peers to bounce off ideas and work smarter.

Our Coworking Spaces in Canberra offer you a distinct advantage with many features to grow your business. In addition to a 5-star corporate address in Canberra, our Coworking Spaces offer inclusions such as:

  • Well-designed, spacious and flexible work spaces
  • Printing, copiers and scanning services
  • Unlimited self-serve coffee, Twinings Tea and fruit water
  • Full secretarial team for business support and a dedicated receptionist
  • Secure and high speed Wi-Fi with a unique password and instant IT support
  • Weekly Servcorp Community Meet events and Happy Hours to network with like-minded peers in Canberra

Some of the exclusive advantages of Servcorp's Canberra Coworking Spaces is that you have further optional business support services that are generally not available at Coworking spaces. For example, you have the option to use the Canberra address as your place of business to register your start-up or to have Servcorp handle your mail.

You can also have a local business telephone number answered the way you like with a dedicated receptionist and transferred to your cell phone, home number or any number of your choice. Our Voicemail to email service is another added business support feature to help you organise and run your Canberra business.

Servcorp has two Coworking locations in the lively corporate areas of Canberra for you to enjoy renowned entertainment venues, cultural icons and decadent restaurants. Your Address can become:

Servcorp Coworking Packages are on a monthly rolling basis, so they are completely flexible. We offer different Coworking packages to suit your business needs including the Servcorp Membership, our low-cost entry membership to Servcorp's coworking Community.

We believe to fully understand Servcorp you need to see it for yourself. Please request a tour to our Canberra Coworking Spaces and we will happily arrange an office tour in a location convenient for you.

Yes, when using your Monthly Vouchers, you can access any Servcorp coworking spaces outside of your city at over 160+ locations around the world. Coworking spaces vary in size and are different at each location. Within Australia you can access our Coworking spaces in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart.

If you're thinking of a flexible workspace option like Coworking but can't decide the best choice for your business, explore our blog articles with helpful tips and advice:

Coworking is a type of shared office space but offers so much more for small businesses, freelancers and startups. Coworking is a flexible shared office space that offers benefits like high speed Wi-Fi, printing services and administrative support from a secretarial team and more. With Dedicated Desks you have 24/7 access to a permanent desk in a shared office space and with hotdesking, all you need is your laptop and coffee mug and you’re ready to go- there’s a flexible workspace to suit your work style!