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The Ideal Coworking Space For Traders

By Varun Bodhi


Many businesses think coworking spaces are just like any other standard office space. But a trader's workspace is more than that—it's their command centre, their source of information, and their environment for focused decision-making.

A trader requires a co working space that offers lightning-fast internet for completing transactions in real-time, team support to ensure they can delegate tasks, and data security. Recognising these specific needs will ultimately support a trader and actively support their success.

Why Should You Choose Servcorp Coworking Space for Trading Business?

When it comes to selecting the ideal coworking space for your trading endeavours, Servcorp emerges as a compelling choice. With a deep understanding of traders' unique needs, Servcorp goes beyond providing just a desk and chair—they create an ecosystem designed to optimise trading performance, enhance productivity, and foster professional growth.

The Speed You Need: Enterprise-Grade Internet Connectivity

In the world of trading, speed is paramount. Every second counts and even a slight delay can have significant consequences. Servcorp recognises this critical need and provides enterprise-grade internet connectivity that guarantees lightning-fast speeds, minimal latency, and uninterrupted access to market data, trading platforms, and online resources.

With Servcorp's robust infrastructure, you can confidently execute trades, knowing that your internet connection won't let you down during crucial moments.

This phenomenal speed can be accessible from our hot desks, dedicated desks and coworking lounges.

Privacy and Security: A Haven for Confidential Work

Servcorp understands how sensitive financial information and client interactions can be, especially in the trading industry. All businesses in our environment are vetted and undergo a verification process to ensure you are operating in a safe office space. Coworking clients have access to dedicated desks, which give you privacy and peace of mind to focus on your analysis.

Unlike other coworking spaces, Servcorp is its own internet service provider, enabling us to provide a multitude of internet connections, such as VPNs, VLANs, and customisable firewall security. You also have access to private phone booths to answer confidential calls and can rent private offices for added privacy.

Technological Edge: Cutting-Edge Workstations and Tools

Modern traders rely on advanced technology to stay ahead of the curve. Servcorp equips its coworking spaces with state-of-the-art workstations, multiple monitor setups, ergonomic furniture, and access to the latest software and tools. This technological ecosystem empowers you to efficiently monitor multiple markets, analyze complex data, and execute trades precisely.

Projecting Professionalism: Premium Locations and Design

A professional image is a valuable asset in any industry, and the same is true for traders.

Servcorp's coworking spaces are strategically located in prestigious business districts and boast modern, sophisticated designs. When you invite clients to your Servcorp office, you're not just offering a meeting space – you're conveying a message of credibility, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

With meeting rooms in Tower One Barangaroo, Circular Quay, Parramatta Square, and many other business-centric locations, you are best positioned to impress clients. Every Servcorp location is easily accessible by public transport, and this convenience extends to anyone visiting your office space.

So whether you are looking for hot desks, serviced offices, or simply a meeting room - never underestimate the importance of location!

Team Support

Trading is heavily reliant on timing, and spending hours on administrative tasks or getting caught up with unnecessary calls can cost you money. Profitable trading demands a shared workspace that offers team support.

  • Dedicated receptionist: A professionally trained receptionist to answer calls in your company name and handle them as per your instructions.

  • Secretarial help: Whether it's administrative tasks, managing your schedules, or creating a presentation, Servcorp's secretaries can assist. This delegation is key for growing your business, saving time, and minimising costs as a trader.

  • In-house IT: Work from your dedicated desk or hot desk with peace of mind, knowing that Servcorp's in-house IT team are only a phone call away to tackle any technical difficulties.

Community and Collaboration: Network with Like-Minded Professionals

Trading can sometimes feel like a solitary pursuit, but Servcorp fosters a sense of community within its coworking spaces.

Our coworking spaces frequently host networking events, and there are many opportunities to connect with other traders. Traders can also leverage Servcorp Home, a vibrant community of more than 50,000+ businesses worldwide that can aid professionals looking to connect or form valuable partnerships.

Find sole traders around the corner or enterprise businesses overseas with the Servcorp Home app.

This collaborative atmosphere can broaden your horizons, spark new ideas, and provide a supportive network of professionals who understand the unique challenges and triumphs of the trading world.

Where Are Your Coworking Space Locations for Traders?

Many coworking space providers focus on opening as many locations as possible, but Servcorp prioritises quality; they're strategically located in prime financial hubs worldwide, offering traders the advantage of proximity to major markets, industry players, and networking opportunities.

Beyond Australia, Servcorp's expansive network extends to major financial cities across the globe, including:

New York City: The epicentre of global finance, New York is home to multiple Servcorp locations, which give traders a foothold in the world's largest stock exchange.

London: A historic centre for finance and trading, London offers Servcorp spaces in prominent locations like Mayfair and the City, where traders can immerse themselves in the vibrant financial landscape.

Tokyo: As a major player in the Asia-Pacific region, Tokyo is a strategic location for traders, and Servcorp provides spaces in key business districts for easy access to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and financial institutions.

Hong Kong: A bustling financial hub with strong ties to mainland China, Hong Kong offers Servcorp spaces with stunning views and convenient access to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Coworking Spaces vs Serviced Offices: Which is Best?


The Verdict? It Depends on Your Priorities

  • If you thrive on networking, crave a dynamic atmosphere, and want a cost-effective solution, coworking might be your ideal match.

  • If privacy, a polished image, and a dedicated space with tailored resources are paramount, a serviced office could be the better choice.

No matter your preference, both coworking and serviced offices offer viable solutions for traders seeking a professional and productive workspace. By carefully considering your individual needs and priorities, you can confidently choose the option that best supports your trading goals and helps you thrive in the financial markets.


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